Ideal Client Questionnaire

The “Must Have” Questionnaire to help you clearly identify who your ideal client is so that you can set up your Facebook ads (or Boosted Posts) with laser targeting. (Valued $79)

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Just like overly curious parents, stalking their children and grandchildren on social's vital as business owenrs to know who our ideal client is so that we can "stalk" them too!

Are you ready to start showing your ads to the RIGHT PEOPLE? 

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By taking a few minutes to answer these questions, you set yourself up to:

Clearly speak to your potential clients in a language that they understand

Avoid wasting your advertising budget showing your ads to the wrong people

Give yourself a clear idea of what interests to select when boosting posts or running sponsored Facebook ads

Set your Facebook ads up with laser targeting and show your ads to the right people, at the right time

I'm Ready, Send it to me!

Who's this Jessica chick?...

I am a Facebook Advertising Expert and Facebook Marketing Partner. based in Brisbane. 

I'm passionate about helping local business owners; like yourself to cost-effectively promote your business and increase enquiries using Facebook advertising...without that overhwelming "what-do-I-do-next" feeling.